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COVID-19 information; October summary

Nine months after the appearance of COVID-19, knowledge and experience are growing steadily on all fronts. This includes aspects of particular dental interest and relevance, and we are featuring a pertinent selection in this October update of the ITI COVID-19 information portal. 

A systematic review based on eight studies reports on the respective 74.9% and 81.3% presentation of loss of smell and taste. Reports are also emerging that a rash (enanthem) on the oral mucous membranes with a petechial pattern strongly suggests a viral etiology. Meanwhile, a nationwide cohort study has found no basis for the concerns regarding the use of NSAIDs in connection with COVID-19 that surfaced early on.

Provision of dental care around the world has been subject to various levels of restrictions during the pandemic. The Cochran Organization has conducted a rapid review of the international definition of AGPs and guidance for mitigation of this specific concern for transmission. Based on millions of patients treated safely in more recent months, the American Dental Association has stated its strong recommendation that full dental care with appropriate COVID-19 precautions should continue during the pandemic.

A recently published study on the efficacy of extraoral scavenging devices demonstrated a definite contribution to AGP risk mitigation when used in conjunction with four-handed dentistry and rubber dam isolation. The debate on the efficacy of antiviral mouthwashes for reducing viral load continues but the evidence is weak and indirect.

You can find more details on our dedicated COVID-19 information page.