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ITI Academy – Continuing education in implant dentistry

Dental implant education at its best – learn new skills with the help of our continuing education courses and programs in implant dentistry. From theory and principles to clinical applications, below you’ll find products, tools and activities that suit your educational needs.


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ITI Curriculum

Implant dentistry from theory to practice

Discover how the ITI Curriculum can make implant dentistry part of your treatment offering.

Dental Practice Management course

Dental Practice Management course

Start growing your practice

Discover a joint online course by the ITI and IMD focusing on business insights, leadership insights and marketing & customer/patient centricity.

Education Weeks

Learn from the experts

Advance your implant dentistry knowledge and skills through high quality CE courses at leading educational institutions.

Online Learning Pathways

Study smart

Explore the most complete e-learning offering in implant dentistry.


Information, knowledge and know-how

Browse our library of print publications.


Identify your knowledge gaps through our free online self-assessments.

Theory & Principles

Online learning modules and congress lecture recordings to firm up your theoretical foundations in implant dentistry.

Clinical Applications

Clinical cases and videos that show how theory is applied in practice.