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ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level

Join a flexible and self-paced online course in implant dentistry and gain CE hours

Learn to assess, treatment plan and restore straightforward implant cases with confidence, and to carry out day-to-day implant monitoring and maintenance with our internationally standardized curriculum. The online Foundation level provides a solid theoretical basis in implant dentistry and its structured learning approach includes a practical face-to-face hands-on introduction to essential clinical skills.


Gain proficiency in the basic principles and science of implant dentistry as well as clinical knowledge of assessment, treatment planning and restoration of straightforward cases.

On completion of this course, you will have acquired:

  • Core theoretical knowledge across implant dentistry 
  • Ability to assess prospective patients and identify straight-forward cases according to the SAC classification 
  • Ability to restore straightforward, single-tooth spaces 
  • Knowledge of peri-implant tissue health and implant prosthesis maintenance 
  • Ability to manage simple complications 

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Learning objectives To develop the knowledge and clinical skills required to assess, treatment plan and restore straightforward implant cases as well as provide day-to-day implant monitoring and maintenance
Entry criteria There are no course entry requirements but professional experience in the dental field is an advantage
Course delivery

The online option can be completed at your own pace using blended learning tools and learning formats

The face-to-face hands-on program is regularly available in different locations. Contact [email protected] for further information.

Duration Depending on individual learning pace – between 3 and 18 months (recommendation)
Criteria for certification Successful completion of:
  • 6 assessments
  • One-day face-to-face hands-on program
  • Final online examination


Course structure

The six domains of the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level form a standardized, structured and certified learning pathway that enables newcomers to acquire core knowledge across all key aspects of implant dentistry. It forms the basis from which participants will go on to treat patients with competence and confidence.

Domain 1: Introduction to Implant Dentistry


Role of Implants in Dentistry Stephen Chen
Implant-Supported vs Conventional Fixed Dental Prostheses – Comparison and Outcomes Paul van Zyl
Tissue Integration of Dental Implants David Cochran
Implant Designs and Characteristics Christoph Hammerle
Loading Protocols German Gallucci
Healing of the Extraction Socket Nikos Mardas
Pharmacology with Relevance to Dental Implant Therapy Stephen Barter

Domain 2: Practicing Implant Dentisty and Self Directed Learning


Selecting an Implant System Steven Eckert

Domain 3: Structured Assessment and Treatment Planning


Structured Assessment and Treatment Planning Hans-Peter Weber
Patient Social Factors Jocelyne Feine
Patient Medical Factors Simon Storgård Jensen
Patient Dental Factors Shakeel Shahdad
Site-Specific Clinical Examination Shakeel Shahdad
Basics of Radiographic Assessment in Implant Dentistry Michael Bornstein
Additional Diagnostic Investigations Christiaan Vorster
The SAC Classification Anthony Dawson
Treatment Options, Prognosis and Proposal Anthony Dawson

Domain 4: Prosthodontic Planning and Procedures


Prosthodontic Planning Principles for Implant Placement Christopher Evans
Digital Implant Impression Wiebe Derksen
Transitional Prostheses Used During Implant Therapy Daniel Thoma
Implant-Supported Provisional Prosthesis William Martin
Conventional Implant Impressions for Fixed Dental Prostheses Frank Lester Higginbottom
Abutment Selection for Fixed Dental Prostheses  Julia-Gabriela Wittneben Matter
Dental Materials Selection for Fixed Dental Prostheses Anthony Dawson
Occlusion on Fixed Dental Prostheses Charlotte Stilwell
Design Principles for FDPs Charlotte Stilwell
Protocol for Fixed Implant-Supported Prostheses Delivery Eoin O'Sullivan

Domain 5: Surgical Planning and Procedures


Flap Closure Aileen Bell
Minimally Traumatic Extraction Techniques Eduardo Lorenzana
Principles of Ridge Preservation Merete Aaboe
Biological Principles of Bone Grafting Andreas Stavropoulos

Domain 6: Treatment Outcomes and Continuing Care


Implant and Prosthesis Survival and Success Alvin Yeo
Monitoring Peri-Implant Tissue Health Thomas Oates
Managing Biological Complications Lisa Heitz-Mayfield
Principles of Managing Hardware Complications Associated with Fixed Dental Prostheses Thomas Taylor
Online Curriculum Foundation level hands-on program

Hands-on program

The ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level course is supplemented by a one-day face-to-face hands-on component for:

  • Practical clinical skills involved in routine monitoring of existing implants
  • Assessment, treatment planning and restoration of SAC straightforward patient cases

Hands-on exercises are supported by dedicated teaching videos.

In order to arrange your hands-on training based on your location, please contact [email protected].


Meaghan testimonial image

"The Foundation level is a fantastic way to learn in-depth theory about implant dentistry and to prepare for taking the next step - placing them within your practice. The online platform allows you to progress at your own pace and the hands-on component allows you to familiarize yourself with the restorative aspect of implant dentistry. Following completion of the Foundation level course I was lucky enough to place my first implant under the guidance of an  experienced mentor and I feel the ITI Curriculum prepared me well." Meaghan Dickenson, Australia

"I really enjoyed the course and thought the online portion was very informative, detailed and well-structured. In addition, the hands-on component was very personal and efficient, providing me a great opportunity to learn about implant therapy in just a few sessions". Bryson Rominger, USA

“The ITI Curriculum Foundation level provided a perfectly structured approach to planning and treating implant patients. In addition to obligatory lectures I was able to access numerous additional units and explore areas of personal interest. The theoretical course is rounded up with a nice, methodical hands-on part. I was able to practice selecting the appropriate impression and prosthodontic parts as well as introducing, replacing and maintaining them. All in all the ITI Curriculum is a really useful course for anyone who is looking to start practicing implant dentistry, going from zero to a solid knowledge base." Miona Jovanovic, Austria

Assessments & certification

A sequence of assessments ensures that learning objectives are achieved for each domain before participants can move on to the next. ITI certification is awarded after a final standardized examination has been passed.

The final examination is a multiple choice online exam, consisting of 80 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. The pass rate for this exam is 60% and must be completed successfully for certification.

ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level certificate

Fees & program package

The fee for the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level with hands-on program is USD 3,500 (incl. VAT) for Non-ITI Members and USD 3,000 (incl. VAT) for current ITI Fellows and Members.

The package includes:

  • 6 structured learning domains, each containing all the required e-learning modules
  • An assessment at the end of each e-learning module (unlimited attempts)
  • An assessment at the end of each domain (60% pass rate required to unlock next domain)
  • A final examination after completion of all 6 domains, incl. feedback
  • One-day face-to-face hands-on program at a location previously selected by the participant, incl. materials (travel and accommodation not included)
  • Access to 8 videos in preparation for the hands-on program

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