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Academy Coins Purchase and Refund Policy

As of Apr. 2019

Some Academy content is subject to charges and must be purchased with Academy Coins if you want permanent access to that content and obtain CPD/CME credits for that content. You can add Academy Coins to your ITI website account by making a payment using the SaferPay payment service ( There are no other online payment options available.

If you are unable to make an online payment you can wire the money via bank transfer to us using the information below. Make sure you clearly indicate the payment reference/reason to enable us to credit the Academy Coins to your account. We will contact you when the Academy Coins were issued.

Bank Credit Suisse AG, Aeschenvorstadt, 4002 Basel, Switzerland
Account holder ITI Foundation, Peter Merian-Strasse 88, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Account/IBAN number CH65 0483 5058 4316 9200 3
Payment reference *** Academy Coins purchase, last name, first name, registered e-mail ***



Academy Coins are not refunded to active accounts.

If you request termination of your active account, your remaining Academy Coins obtained by monetary purchase are refunded at their current value. If you request account termination and a refund, you will permanently lose access to your account and all purchased Academy content therein and a processing fee of 75 CHF is applied. Academy Coins obtained through ITI Membership/Curriculum packages, vouchers or site activity are excluded from refund.

If your account is terminated (account ban) based on a violation of the Terms of Use, no Academy Coins are refunded to you.

Any Academy Coins you used erroneously to purchase Academy content will be charged back to your ITI website account if:

  1. the Academy content has been purchased in the last 7 days; and
  2. you have not requested another chargeback in the last 30 days; and
  3. the CPD/CME credits for the purchased items have not yet been claimed by you.