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Frequently asked questions

Can I visit an ITI congress in another country?

Yes, most ITI congresses are simultaneously translated into different languages. Please see the congress details to see the available languages.

Where can I find the event details?

Click on the event title to display the event details and to be able to Request guest participation.

Is it possible to participate in an event as a guest?

Within the event details you have the possibility to Request guest participation. This is only possible for events where you have the right to participate as a guest. The guest participation needs to be accepted by the event owner.

Are there different event types?

Yes. If you are looking for a specific type of event, use the categories filter. All checked event types will be displayed.

How can I narrow down the events displayed?

To narrow down the events displayed, you can specify a category or a country. Based on the country selection you can specify a state/province.

Do you need further information on this topic?

I will be happy to help

  • Petra Werder

    Senior Manager Events