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Current Clinical Implementation in Advanced Implant Dentistry

In association with Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry, Bangkok Thailand

Course information

This six-day course ITI educational week, held at Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry, has been designed for clinicians with experience in the field of implant dentistry at advanced/complex level. The program focuses on comprehensive clinical implementation implant dentistry, from up-to-date digital treatment planning, establishing hard and soft tissue foundation, tips for immediate implant placement with provisional protocol, CT-assisted computer guided surgery and complication management. The course includes, evidence-based lectures, live surgery, hands-on, case discussions and presentations to allow participation to fully understand and be able to utilize in daily practice.

Event location

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Difficulty level Advanced/Complex
Language English
Venue Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry, Bangkok, Thailand


Course directors

Dr. Chatchai Kunavisarut
DDS, MS, Specialist in Prosthodontics
Assistant Professor, Advanced General Dentistry Department
Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Pranai Nakaparksin
Program Co-Director
Lecturer, Advanced General Dentistry Department
Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Pranai Nakaparksin - Advanced General Dentistry Department
Dr. Prakan Thanasrisuebwong - Center of Implant Dentistry
Dr. Penporn Luangchana - Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Department

Prof. Dean Morton - Indiana University School of Dentistry (USA)

Learning objectives

  • Understanding surgical and restorative treatment planning for advanced and complex cases with active participanttion of attendees
  • Understanding indications of immediate, early and late implant placement and different loading protocols
  • Acquire knowledge for solving advanced and complex surgical cases including hard and soft tissue augmentation procedures, immediate placement with immediate provisional simultaneously with GBR procedures
  • Become familiar with digital implementation of implant dentistry in surgical and restorative workflow
  • Acquire knowledge for treatment options and prevention of implant complication

Course details


  • Anatomical considerations regarding implant therapy in advanced and complex clinical cases
  • CBCT visualization in implant planning
  • Digital prosthetically driven implant planning (analog and digital set up) – indicative and fully guided surgical template
  • Therapeutic considerations in implant rehabilitation - immediate, early or delayed implant placement
  • Solutions for implant therapy in the esthetic zone– surgical and prosthetic aspects
  • GBR procedures (bone grafts, bone substitutes and membranes)
  • Soft tissue Augmentation
  • Sinus lift procedures
  • Computer guided implant placement – advantages and challenges
  • Design of temporary and definitive implant restorations, choice of dental materials and abutments
  • Impression techniques and impression materials in digital and analog workflows
  • Complications in implant dentistry – prevention and treatment
  • Literature update in current implant therapy topics


Live ops

  • Immediate single tooth replacement in the esthetic zone simultaneously with GBR/CTG procedure, immediate loading and adaptation of temporary crown
  • Implant placement using computer guided procedures
  • Vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation – sinus lift and/or bone block grafts
  • Soft tissue augmentation


Hands-on workshops

  • Soft tissue harvesting and augmentation - FGG, CTG
  • Hard Tissue harvesting and augmentation - block bone graft and GBR
  • Digital treatment planning and design of surgical guides
  • Digital design of implant restorations
  • Immediate implant placement on working model (esthetic zone). Impression techniques – analog workflow: open and closed tray, digital workflow: optical impression, fabrication of screw-retained provisional restoration
  • Implant complication management - abutment screw removal, implant surface management, implant removal

Course fee/general information

Non-ITI Member: USD 3,200
ITI Fellow/ITI Member: USD 2,560


max. number of participants


CE credit hours

Terms and Conditions

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