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André Schroeder Research Prize Terms and Conditions of participation

  1. The First Applicant will be ITI Headquarters’ exclusive correspondence partner.
  2. Individuals as well as groups may apply for the André Schroeder Research Prize.
  3. A first author can submit one paper only per application deadline.
  4. First authors who are previous André Schroeder Prize winners may not reapply in the role of first author, but are welcome to apply as a member of a team of authors.
  5. ITI Headquarters will present all applications that have been submitted correctly to the ITI Research Committee in anonymized form.
  6. The ITI Research Committee will evaluate the applications according to their scientific relevance/relevance to current clinical issues in implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration and related fields and content as well as their composition.  The decision of the ITI Research Committee is final and excludes recourse to law. If there are no submissions that are deemed worthy of the André Schroeder Research Prize, presentation of the Prize shall be deferred until the following year.
  7. The ITI Research Committee is composed of experts from various countries and disciplines. The names of the ITI Research Committee Members are published on the ITI website.
  8. The applicants are not permitted to contact any member of the ITI Research Committee with regard to their submitted application. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification of the Applicants.
  9. In the event that the André Schroeder Research Prize is awarded to the undersigned, he/she and all co-authors who appear on the paper submitted agree to allow the ITI to refer to the paper in part or in full in ITI publications, press releases, on the ITI website or in publications authorized by the ITI.
  10. The André Schroeder Research Prize and the associated prize money are not transferable. The latter is intended for the sole use of the named prize winner(s). The prize money will be transferred to a bank account given to ITI Headquarters by the First Applicant. In addition to the prize money and the engraved gold medallion, the ITI will also provide the First Applicant with a economy flight, hotel accommodation for one night as well as a free entrance ticket to the event where the award ceremony will take place. Should the First Applicant be unable to attend, he/she is to name a delegate to ITI Headquarters. This delegate must be a member of the team of authors listed on the winning paper. All bookings in relation to the award ceremony are exclusively handled by ITI Headquarters.