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Documenting and presenting clinical cases is at the heart of professional discussion. The ITI Case Cloud is a cloud-based service that lets you do exactly that.

Based on a quick and easy-to-use documentation workflow, you can establish your own library of clinical cases that will be accessible to you everywhere. The Case Cloud offers an evidence-based, standardized means to establish your own collection of clinical reports that you can share with others.

With the Case Cloud you can

  Non-Member ITI Fellows & Members
Upload your clinical images close check
Add image captions close check
Classify your cases with the SAC Tool close check
Keep them private close check
Present your cases to an audience using the presentation mode close check
Share your cases online with ITI friends close check

This service is available to ITI Fellows and Members only.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I delete a case?

When you delete a case, you will erase all records of the case.  The case will be permanently removed from our system and become irretrievable.

What happens if I share one of my cases with another user?

When you share a case with another user, the user is granted read permission to your case. This means that they can access your case through their personal Case Cloud in the area “Cases shared with me”. You can discontinue their access at any time by removing them from the list of users with whom you share your case.

Who has access to my Case Cloud data?

Only you have access to the data unless you share the case with someone else. Before making your case data available to others, make sure that you have obtained your patient’s permission to do so. In some countries (for example in the European Union) explicit patient consent is required before any data can be shared.

Are the Case Cloud data safe in your system?

We regularly update and patch our systems to ensure their compliance with current security standards. The data you enter/upload are stored on our own servers and can only be accessed through tunneled sessions via your user account. If you do not forward your account details to others, your data are safe with us.

Who owns the rights to a Case I document in the Case Cloud?

The ownership of the data will always remain with you (on behalf of the patient who is the data origin).  The ITI will never claim any rights or ownership pertaining to this data. We only host the data for you.

What happens to the information I upload to the Case Cloud?

The data (text and images) that you provide are stored in your Case Cloud case. The data are transmitted via a secure connection and remain protected, which means only you have access unless you share the case with someone else or change the access permission settings.

What do I need to make sure of before uploading any patient data to the Case Cloud?

While we protect your data against unauthorized access by others, you must make sure that you have obtained permission from your patient to enter it on our systems. Depending on local legal regulations (for example, in the European Union), you may need explicit written consent from your patient before you can share their data on a third party system. The ITI does not assume any responsibility for the data you upload to your Case Cloud.

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